Melanie MacArthur

Fine Art & Portraits

After receiving your photos,  I choose a photo and suggest a good size and format that will make the best portrait. If you have a favorite photo, I will work from that one if possible.  The better the photograph, the better the portrait. Remember: the photograph is the ONLY way I have to know your subject.  Additional photos are useful, but not necessary. Hard copy photos will be returned with the finished art.


The minimum size of the photo to be drawn should be no less than 3 by 4 inches and the sharper the better, in order to get enough detail. You can also email me the photo. This should be in standard format (.gif, .tif, .png, or .jpg).


Please tell me the correct color of eyes and hair and any other relevant details which are important and not necessarily obvious from the photograph. The more information I have‚ the better. A high quality, acid-free archival paper is used for your portrait.


You can place your order online, by email, or call 513.319.1750.  Orders are on a first come basis, unless there is a rush order, which I will try to accommodate. I look forward to the opportunity to capture your loved one's likeness for you to cherish.


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